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We are not open to the public. Tours by appointment only.


Our first year micro-farming

In April 2019, we moved from a small town in Washington State to a small town in South East Texas. This is our journey of bringing flowers and vegetables with us everywhere we go!


Hello and welcome! My name is Rebecca, I grew up in a small town in the PNW. My love of farming began early. When I was little, my grandpa worked at a farm with a corn maze and pumpkin patch. When I was eight years old I started tagging along, "working" in the petting farm area, helping other kids learn how to hold the kitties. From then on, every fall I went to the farm to help out during pumpkin season. Since then, I have worked on a raw milk dairy farm, and two market gardens. Each year my love for farming has grown.

In April of 2019, my partner's job brought us to South East Texas. This new season of live has presented the opportunity for me to finally take the leap and start my own farm. 

Spring quickly became summer. The heat, humidity and homesickness quickly set in. Missing my family has been the hardest part of moving away, but having a micro-farm brings me back to the days of hopping over pumpkins in the field. Sending photos of my flowers to my mom and grandmas reminds me of their gardens. It is very special to be able to share flowers with new people I meet, and hear their garden memories.

Rudbeckia Gardens became the name of my farm a whole year before I ever knew where I was going to farm. Rudbeckia is the name for a Black-Eyed Susan, a flower that I love because they look like mini sunflowers. Ultimately, I chose the name because it sounded like my name, Rebecca. Instead of calling my business  a farm I wanted to call it a garden. 

I have always loved the idea of a large, yet cozy garden, full of hidden magic like that of the Secret Garden. My dream is to share the beauty and magic of gardening with others. 


We grow a variety of flowers throughout the year. Each variety chosen for its seasonality, uniqueness, and beauty. Our flowers are planted by hand, raised chemical and pesticide free.


Home grown and hand cut.